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Indian Law

Diana's experience in Indian Country is varied and extensive. She works to resolve complex regulatory and jurisdictional issues with a focus on Indian law. She is honored to serve both tribal and non-tribal clients.


Diana is particularly adept and working through complex jurisdictional hurdles to reach agreements and solutions that benefit her clients without alienating opposing parties. Often she works with clients to develop "first of its kind" approaches to long standing problems. One example is her participation in the development of a tribal utility code that strengthened tribal regulations and addressed the concerns of a non-Indian utility company seeking to invoke state regulation.


Diana has served as an in-house attorney to an Indian tribe and understands internal processes of a tribal government. She has experience working on interlocal agreements, tax compacts, liquor and tobacco compacts and agreements related to transportation and infrastructure development. Because of this work Diana recognizes the need to understand the public records and local government laws that govern municipal parties who enter into agreements with tribes.

Diana’s work frequently addresses treaty rights. She understands the changing case law and duties of the state and federal governments. Her legal advocacy is respectful of the cultural interests related to treaty and subsistence rights.

Comprehensive Legal Counsel

Diana has advised tribal councils, governmental departments, economic development entities and joint ventures. She focuses on providing problem-solving legal counsel that advances her client’s business goals

Diana has worked with private companies to establish joint ventures with tribal entities. She has addressed choice of law provisions relating to incorporation and taxation, dispute resolution clauses and when necessary, limited waivers of tribal sovereign immunity.

Contact Native Law PLLC if you need an attorney to:

  • represent a federally recognized tribe in negotiations with the state for management of federally reserved water rights;
  • represent parties in renewals for rights-of-way over Indian lands;
  • represent a tribe in negotiation and execution of Self-Determination Contracts and Compacts;
  • advise a tribe in establishment of codes and regulations;
  • represent non-profits serving Indian Country; and
  • advise on tribal justice system best practices and constitutional standards.

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Tribal Economic Development

  • Energy
  • Telecom
  • Finance
  • Joint ventures

Tribal Governmental Functions

  • Codes
  • Regulations
  • Policies
  • Constitutions
  • Tribal court best practices
  • Government-to-
    Government consultations


  • Tribes
  • Tribal entities
  • Businesses working with tribes
  • Intertribal associations
  • Tribal entrepreneurs
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